Greener than you think

Postal blue

goes green

The Postal Service helps customers reduce waste, increase recycling and improve their carbon footprint through its BlueEarth programs.

* | Tags: Common good USPS Fact #399 | March 4, 2021

Postal blue goes green

  • The Postal Service collaborates with large mailers to securely process and destroy undeliverable-as-addressed or return-to-sender First-Class mail with its USPS BlueEarth Secure Destruction mail service. This is a win-win. The program helps reduce mailing industry carbon impact and reduces costs. In 2020, the Postal Service securely processed and recycled 151.45 million pieces of mail.
  • The USPS BlueEarth Federal Recycling Program transports and recycles used electronics for federal agencies with no shipping or item disposition costs. This free program is available to all federal agencies and federal employees.
  • The USPS BlueEarth Product Carbon Accounting service continued to grow in 2020. The service provides large commercial customers a customized statement of carbon emissions associated with the customer’s mailings.