3.3 million emails daily

3.3 million

corporate emails daily

With one of the largest corporate email systems, in 2021, the Postal Service handled more than 3.3 million legitimate emails a day delivered to more than 212,000 email accounts.

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Staying connected

The Postal Service has one of the world’s largest computer networks — linking more than 31,000 facilities and connecting hundreds of thousands of employees and hundreds of systems.

In 2021 some emails were blocked due to:

  • Spam: More than 6 million spam email messages were blocked monthly.
  • Content: More than 27 million emails were blocked monthly due to malicious content including phishing, brand spoofing, and suspicious URLs being detected.
  • Malware: More than 9,000 email messages were blocked monthly due to malware.
  • Blocking bad actors: More than 5 million email messages were blocked monthly due to sender reputation.
  • Advanced Threat Detection: More than 16,000 email messages were blocked by domain impersonation, URL and file detonation detecting malicious content, or click-time URL protection.
  • On average, 34 percent of the 101 million email messages received from external senders were blocked monthly for the safety of the Postal Service network and email users.