Postal history

Our history is the history of America.

United States Postal Service - March 16, 2023

The Postal Service has enabled faster, more efficient communication, created safer, more secure delivery of correspondence and merchandise and has adapted to meet the evolving needs of its customers for nearly 250 years. It’s what we do.

The history of the Postal Service is a large story set on a broad canvas. It is intertwined with the history of America, and it provides a lens from which to observe the evolution of the United States. The postal system strengthened the foundations of our democracy by fostering the flow of ideas and access to America’s free press. It enabled the vast expansion of American industry and commerce, spanning and influencing the rise of the railroads in the 19th century, air travel in the 20th century, and the advanced digital technology of recent decades. As America’s economy and society have evolved, so too has the Postal Service progressed, both meeting and reflecting the nation’s changing needs.

Information about the history of the Postal Service can be found here