Keeping America’s Postal System Secure


and Security of the US Mail

The Postal Inspection Service works aggressively and takes all practicable measures to ensure the sanctity and security of the U.S. Mail.

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Keeping America’s postal system secure — 2023 stats

  • 4,728 arrests. 4,103 convictions. Primarily prohibited mail, mail theft, and assaults and robberies of employees.
  • More than $600,000 in misappropriated or stolen mail transport equipment recovered.
  • 1,804 suspicious mail incidents investigated.
  • 2,001 arrests for illegal narcotics.
  • 6,721 responses to reports of violent criminal activity, including 576 credible threats and assaults against postal employees. 450 arrests. 306 convictions.
  • 1,566 assets seized, worth more than $402 million.
  • Six investigations into the use of mail in the sexual exploitation of children. Three arrests. Five convictions. To date, more than 20,000 child sexual abuse victims identified.
  • More than 1 million items, including 378 terabytes of data, examined by forensic scientists and specialists in the Postal Inspection Service’s Forensic Laboratory Services. 2,262 suspects identified.