Communications network


handheld scanners

Our communications network supports and maintains more than 119,000 desktop computers, 33,000 notebook computers, 72,260 printers, 26,436 smartphones, 163,000 phone lines and 310,000 handheld scanners.

* | Tags: Innovation USPS Fact #38 | March 4, 2021

The Postal Service has one of the world’s largest computer networks — linking more than 31,000 facilities and connecting hundreds of thousands of employees and hundreds of systems.

There are 587 remote locations within the postal system that receive network connectivity via satellite.

USPS has 92.5 petabytes of storage capacity — equivalent to playing more than 234,177 years of songs with no repeats.

More than 192,000 meetings per month are hosted online, representing more than 63.5 million minutes of conference time.