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In 2022, the Postal Service email gateway system delivered more than 10.7 billion external email messages to postal customers and business partners. Roughly 90 percent of these were automated messages from Informed Delivery. The Postal Service also delivered 150 million notification emails related to COVID-19 test kits.

* | Tags: Innovation USPS Fact #698 | March 17, 2023

The Postal Service has one of the world’s largest computer networks — linking more than 34,000 facilities and connecting hundreds of thousands of employees and hundreds of systems.

  • With one of the largest corporate email systems, the Postal Service handled more than 5 million legitimate emails a day in 2022, delivered to more than 185,000 email accounts. But some emails are blocked due to:
    • Spam: More than 5 million spam email messages were blocked monthly.
    • Content: More than 16 million emails were blocked monthly due to malicious content including phishing, brand spoofing and suspicious URLs being detected.
    • Malware: More than 5,000 email messages were blocked monthly due to malware.
    • Phishing: More than 675,000 phishing email messages were blocked monthly.
    • On average, 25 percent of the 101 million email messages received from external senders were blocked monthly for the safety of the Postal Service network and email users.
  • The Postal Service communications network contains more than 190,000 provisioned subnets that connect more than 1 million devices, including:
    • 97,657 desktop computers
    • 86,463 laptop computers
    • 41,000 server computers
    • 45,320 printers
    • 25,592 smartphones
    • 647 tablets
    • 125,630 phone lines
    • 443,700 hand-held scanners.
  • The Postal Service has 110 petabytes of storage capacity — equivalent to playing more than 244,000 years of songs on an MP3 player, with no repeats.