Blocking email


emails blocked monthly

On average, more than 5 million emails from external senders are blocked each month to protect the Postal Service network.

* | Tags: Innovation USPS Fact #694 | April 17, 2024

With one of the largest corporate email systems, the Postal Service handled more than 3.6 million legitimate emails a day in 2023, delivered to more than 195,000 email accounts. But some emails are blocked due to:

  • Spam: More than 2 million spam email messages were blocked monthly.
  • Content: More than 1 millionemails were blocked monthly due to malicious content including phishing, brand spoofing and suspicious URLs being detected.
  • Malware: More than 12,000 email messages were blocked monthly due to malware.
  • Phishing: More than 815,000 phishing email messages were blocked monthly.
  • On average, 5 percent of the 109 million email messages received from external senders were blocked monthly for the safety of the Postal Service network and email users.