United States Postal Service - April 30, 2021

The past year was extraordinary for the U.S. Postal Service. We were presented with unique challenges, we revealed hidden strengths and demonstrated our essential role in the life of the nation, and in the lives of the American public. As the COVID-19 pandemic spread throughout America’s communities, the 644,000 women and men of the Postal Service delivered — and continue to deliver today — demonstrating constant commitment to our mission of service and ensuring that customers received the medications, supplies, benefit checks, letters and other correspondence and products they depend upon.

Amid the commotion of the outbreak, postal employees drew strength from public support, expressed by many thousands of customers across the nation in the form of handwritten messages of thanks to our essential employees — on paper, on posters, on stickers and on sidewalks.

The Postal Service is proud of its ability to provide a trusted, valued service to the American public, while safeguarding its employees and customers during the ongoing national public health emergency.

We are mindful that we must build upon the core strengths of the Postal Service: our mission of public service and our people — who live, work and serve in every community in America. We strive to provide world-class affordable and dependable service to every American community six and seven days a week — today, tomorrow and for generations to come. It’s what we do!