New printing technologies for stamps


printing technology

In 2021, the Postal Service released several stamps that highlighted stamp printing technologies.

* | Tags: Innovation Stamps USPS Fact #512 | March 7, 2022
  • The Lunar New Year – Year of the Ox stamp, part of the new Celebrating Lunar New Year stamp series, had intricate gold and orange foil in the stamp artwork, as well as in the stamp’s selvage.
  • The Star Wars Droids stamps, 10 designs in various sizes, included a varnish, high gloss coating on the Droids.
  • The Sun Science stamps (10 designs) were printed with a foil treatment that adds a glimmer to the stamps.
  • The Raven Story stamp inspired by the traditional story of the raven setting the sun, moon and stars free includes gold foil.
  • The Message Monsters stamps (five designs) came complete with their own accessories. The selvage contained cartoony voice balloons and thought bubbles with exclamations and salutations, hats and crowns, hearts, stars, crazy daisies, and other fun flair making a fun addition to any piece of First-Class Mail.