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Enforcing the law. Established Aug. 7, 1775. The U.S. Postal Inspection Service enforces federal laws, prevents crimes and keeps customers, employees and the mail safe.

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It’s one of the oldest law enforcement agencies in the nation. Postal Inspectors remain on the heels of the criminals — targeting theft, disrupting drug traffickers, warning about fraud scams and more.

The Inspection Service does this with approximately 2,400 employees — including nearly 1,300 Postal Inspectors, roughly 500 uniformed Postal Police Officers and 600 professional, technical and administrative support personnel — all working to ensure America’s confidence in the U.S. Mail.

Delivering Justice to Opioid Dealers


Justice to Opioid Dealers

The Inspection Service is committed to using the most advanced technology to stop fentanyl traffickers.

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Delivering Justice to Opioid Dealers

Postal Inspectors use data, forensics and citizens’ tips to protect Americans and apprehend opioid dealers who send illegal drugs through the mail.

  • 3,158 synthetic opioids seizures by the Inspection Service between FY 2018 and FY 2022
  • 5,083 pounds of synthetic opioids seized by the Inspection Service between FY 2018 and FY 2022
  • 1,334 synthetic opioid seizures totaling 3,255 pounds in FY 2022
  • More information can be found at uspis.gov/the-opioid-epidemic

 Since fall 2019, the Inspection Service has noted there have been no fentanyl seizures directly from China. Furthermore, since 2020, a vast majority of synthetic opioids and methamphetamine seizures originated along the U.S. Southwest border. In 2022, Postal Inspectors conducted phase two of its Southwest Border Initiative, resulting in the seizure of 170 pounds of methamphetamine, 136 pounds of fentanyl, 56 pounds of cocaine, 4.1 pounds of PCP, 19 pounds of amphetamine and more than $465,000 in illicit proceeds.

Illegal Narcotics

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In 2022, the Inspection Service reported 2,110 arrests pertaining to illegal narcotics-related cases.

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Keeping America’s postal system secure — 2022 stats

  • 4,291 arrests. 3,947 convictions. Primarily prohibited mail, mail theft, and assaults and robberies of employees.
  • More than $1 million in misappropriated or stolen mail transport equipment recovered.
  • 1,804 suspicious mail incidents investigated.
  • 2,110 arrests for illegal narcotics cases.
  • 6,946 responses to reports of violent crime activity, including 581 credible threats and assaults against postal employees. 232 arrests. 155 convictions.
  • 1,566 assets seized worth more than $402 million.
  • Investigated the use of mail in the sexual exploitation of children. Six investigations. Three arrests. Five convictions. To date, more than 20,000 child sexual abuse victims identified.
  • More than 900,000 items, including 474 terabytes of data, examined by forensic scientists and specialists in the Postal Inspection Service’s Forensic Laboratory Services. 1,780 suspects identified.