Automated Package Verification

$45 million


The Automated Package Verification (APV) program automates the detection and collection of postage due for mail pieces with insufficient postage through the use of automated package processing equipment. The Postal Service collected $45 million in short-paid revenue and deterred more than $198 million in short-paid postage in 2019.

* | Tags: Innovation USPS Fact #586 | April 7, 2020

Delivery points


million delivery points

The Postal Service prides itself on going the last mile to deliver the mail. We served 160 million delivery points nationwide in 2019 with 1.4 million new delivery points added to the network.

* | Tags: Size & scope Yearly facts USPS Fact #227 | February 6, 2020

Total address changes


address changes

Nearly 36 million address changes were processed in 2019.

* | Tags: Retail Size & scope Yearly facts USPS Fact #225 | February 5, 2020

Internet Change-of-Address enables customers to change addresses online, and it offers them coupons for move-related products and services. More than 16 million address changes were submitted online in 2019.

Total delivery routes


delivery routes

The Postal Service has 231,807 delivery routes across the United States in an effort to reach every single person living in the country.

* | Tags: Yearly facts USPS Fact #188 | February 6, 2020

228,000 vehicles



Vehicles. The Postal Service has more than 228,000 vehicles, one of the largest civilian fleets in the world. New next-generation vehicles will have improved ergonomics, safety features, fuel efficiency and design flexibility.

* | Tags: Top facts Yearly facts USPS Fact #93 | February 4, 2020

$90 million to breast cancer research

$90 million

breast cancer research

The Breast Cancer Research semipostal stamp has raised more than $90 million for breast cancer research since 1998. More than 1.6 billion stamps have been sold.

* | Tags: Stamps USPS Fact #32 | February 5, 2020

In addition, the Save Vanishing Species semipostal stamp has raised more than $5.7 million to support Multinational Species Conservation Funds since 2011. More than 50 million stamps have been sold.